Tesa® ACXplus 7074 HIGH RESISTANCE VHB Acrylic Foam Tape 1 inch x25m 1 roll/Order

Brand: Tesa

Material Foamed acrylic
Size 1" x 25m
Colour Deep Black
Brand Tesa

1/2" x25m

3/4" x 25m

1/4" x 25m

1" x 25m

About this item

Applications The tesa® ACXplus product family is suitable for a wide range of constructive bonding applications. To ensure the highest performance possible, our aim is to fully understand the application (including the substrates involved) in order to provide the right product recommendation. Example mounting applications in different industries (e.g. solar, elevator, transportation) include but are not limited to: Stiffener bars Wall cladding Decorative elements Door panels Flush Design



tesa® ACXplus 7074 is a deep black double-sided acrylic foam tape. It consists of a high performance acrylic system and is identified by its bonding power, stress dissipation and its temperature and weather resistance. Due to the product's unique formulation, this double-sided pure acrylic foam tape combines a very good temperature and shear resistance with an outstanding cold shock resistance up to - 40º. This product also shows robustness when it comes to outdoor performance. The viscoelastic core of this product is able to compensate for thermal elongations of bonded parts. tesa® ACXplus 7074 is especially designed for permanent demanding outdoor bonding applications and is therefore suitable for exposure to extreme temperatures, UV, chemicals, salt water, as well as cleaning agents.

Product information

Technical Details

Any custom width can be slit. Please contact our sales team to discuss your unique width requirements.


Additional Information

Please note that we recommend using tesa® Adhesion Promoter as a surface pre-treatment. It leads to a significant improvement in adhesion levels, avoids moisture infiltration, and promotes long-term resistance against harsh environmental factors. Which tesa® Adhesion Promoter should be used depends on the substrates and the application. We will be glad to advise you in order to find the right solution. Liner versions: PV22: White paper liner - branded , PV24: Blue film liner - unbranded, Further liner versions might be available upon request. Certificates: tesa® ACXplus 7074 is recognized according to UL Standard 746C. UL File QOQW2.E309290 tesa® ACXplus 7074 is recognized according to UL Standard 879. UL File UYMR2.E479260 ift Rosenheim: Certified in accordance with EN 1435-1:2006+A1:2010 - Air permeability, Watertightness, Resistance to wind MPA Stuttgart: Dynamic tensile measurement according ETAG002 following EN 28339 ATI: ASTM E 283-04, 330-02, 331-00 wind load and water penetration test Qualified for a credit according to LEED