At Consult2Bond, We are considering our customer needs and requirements as the first priority in order to making perfect product for you. We have the capability to die-cut variety of material such as films, foams, aluminum, fabrics and other substrates with or without adhesive. We are customizing the self-adhesive tapes into die-cuts to create a perfect shaped part for your production process. This helps you to improve the quality and speed of production process.

We are also doing the standard die-cuts including circle, squares and rectangles in custom sizes as per customer requirement. There are some several Die-Cutting Methods : -

    1. 1. Rotary Die Cutting
    2. 2. Flatbed Die Cutting/Steel Rule Die Cutting
    3. 3. Laser Die Cutting
    4. 4. Pinch Press

Die Cutting Materials                                                                                                    Markets Served

  1. 1. Adhesive Transfer Tapes                                                                                               1. Building
  2. 2. Single Sided Tape                                                                                                            2. Display
  3. 3. Double Sided Tape                                                                                                          3. Manufacturing
  4. 4. Films                                                                                                                                  4. Graphics
  5. 5. Foil                                                                                                                                     5. Printing & Labeling
  6. 6. Foams
  7. 7. Magnetic Tape
  8. 8. Cork
  9. 9. Release Liners