Bonding of aluminum sheets to aluminum welded structures have become a common practice in the trailer manufacturing industry. Tapes have replaced the use of rivets in the trailer manufacturing industry. We work with our manufacturers Labs to test products for Aerospace industry and help them find optimum bonding solutions during the initial specifications phase. Specialty vehicles such as Fire Trucks, Garbage Trucks, and Ambulances are using double sided tapes for various small parts bonding applications, both interior & exterior.

Products used in Mobility


At Consult2Bond we work closely with Aerospace manufacturers and tier suppliers to the Aerospace industries. We help recommend, test and spec tape products for critical applications. Other products include aluminum foil tape, paper masking, surface protection and fine line masking tapes.


Boat, Kayak & Canoe manufacturers use masking products on a daily bases for painting and packaging of their products. We at Consult2Bond are working hard to help Engineering and R & D teams to switch from rivets and screws to tape ultimately helping our customers save time and money.

Specialty Vehicles

Each vehicle is uniquely designed for their customers to meet the special requirements of the jobs they need to perform. Examples of specialty vehicles include Fire Trucks, Garbage Trucks, Ambulances, Custom Cube Vans & various other modified vehicles.

Trailer and Truck Body

Most common application in the Trailer industry is bonding of aluminum sheets to welded structures that make up the trailer walls. Tapes help with stress dissipation, sound dampening, Aesthetics of the trailer and most importantly give it a strong long term bond.