Featured Application

Product : High Adhesion Acrylic Foam Tape

Market : Signage Manufacturing

Application Description:

Challenge was to build an aluminium box on painted alupanel to house ballasts and wiring for neon lights. Customer insisted no screws or rivets be seen on the sign as the sign would be installed on glass and both sides of the sign would be visible.

Old Process:

Using screws & rivets to bond aluminium substrates

Pain Points / Customer Needs:
  •    Customer request was a clean bond with no visible screws or rivets
  •    150 signs to ship out of the shop in 5 days
  •    Minimal or almost no expierience in using tapes for constructive bonding application

Consult2Bond Recommendation:

We recommended bonding aluminium to painted alupanel with high adhesion series of Acrylic Foam Tape. This series of Acrylic Foam Tapes bond very well to painted surfaces and creates a permanent bond. We were able to create a permament bond without any visible fasteners. Spent the time at the customers site training the plant employees on the use of tape and importance of surface preparation.

Benefit to Customer:
  •    Able to accomplish a clean bond without any screws or rivets
  •    Application help and support from product recommendation to tape application procedures and surface preparation from Consult2Bond
  •    Immidiate high adhesion of the product helped with faster production and delivery of signs on time