Tesa® 4204 PVC Single Sided Packaging Tape (Green) 1inch x 50m 1 roll/Order

Brand: Tesa

Material PVC film
Size 1"x50m
Colour Green
Brand Tesa






About this item

Main Application • tesa® 4204 is ideally used to seal smaller objects such as boxes or cans • The sealing tape is regularly used in bakeries or flower shops to seal small bags or wrap flower bouquets • The tape is ideal for small-scale packaging, bundling, and closing • Due to the availability of various bright colors, the tape can be used for marking or color-coding



Colored Filmic Packaging Tape tesa® 4204 is based on a stable PVC backing, coated with a natural rubber adhesive. The natural rubber adhesive mass offers excellent adhesion properties to a large number of different surfaces, both polar and non-polar. The adhesive also features a high tack and high initial bond, needing only a short time until reaching final adhesive power. Handling and usage is convenient, as tesa® 4204 can generally be used on all common desk dispensers and can be removed after use without leaving any residues behind. The tape is available in multiple different colors, making it ideal color-coding or marking

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Technical Details

Product can be slit to any custom width. Please contact our sales team to discuss your unique width requirements.


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