Tesa 59652 Thin Double Sided Tape 1 inch x 50m 1 roll/Order

Brand: Tesa

Material PET film
Size 1"x50m
Colour Black
Brand Tesa






About this item

Application Fields
• Tesa® 4965 - Team 4965 Black contributes to light management in interior designs
• LED strip mounting
• Mounting of lenses and cushioning foams in cellular phones
• Optical detection splicing
• Mounting of exterior car mirrors in the automotive industry



205µm double sided black PET film tape Product Features • Opaque black backing with light-blocking properties • Reliable bond even on low surface energy surfaces • Immediate usability right after assembly • Black color for automatic pick-and-place processes • High resistance to demanding environmental conditions Product Description Tesa® 59652 - Team 4965 Black is a black, double-sided industrial mounting tape consisting of a PET backing and a modified acrylic adhesive. The double-sided mounting tape is the black version of Tesa® 4965 Original and its adhesive is based on a patented and protected product technology. The double-sided mounting tape with its opaque black backing helps to avoid undesired light exposure and contributes to light management in interior designs. Tesa® 59652 - Team 4965 Black is able to withstand numerous environmental factors such as humidity, UV-light and temperatures of up to 200°C for limited periods of time. The tackified acrylic adhesive makes for an excellent hold on various surfaces, high tack, and good shear strength. Several products are equipped with this unique and high performing product design and together these products make up Team 4965. This double-sided film tape assortment helps to easily select the most efficient tape based on customer demands, products, and processes

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Product can be slit to any custom width. Please contact our sales team to discuss your unique width requirements.


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