PVC Electrical Tape 7 mils Purple 3/4 inch X 66m

Brand: Tack Tape

Material Polyvinyl Chloride
Size 3/4" X 66m
Colour Purple
Brand Tack Tape

3/4" X 66m

About this item

Plasticized PVC film with an aggressive rubber resin adhesive in OSHA colors.
For cable coding, quick identification of Electrical phases, circuits, feeders and branches. Non-flame retardent.
Dielectric Breakdown: 9000V.



A must have for every household, this cold and weather resistant Electricaltape can be used outdoors with excellent resistance to heat, moisture, acids and varying weather conditions. The tape is both flame retardant and provides adhesion and protection in weather from -10 degrees to +80 degrees Celcuis. Positive insulating action Flame retardant All weather Electricaltape for splicing and insulating wires up to 600V. Rubber adhesive with soft polyvinyl chloride film backing. 1 1/4" core. UL Listed, CSA certified.

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SHELF LIFE: 1 year TEMPERATURE: Application: Above 0° C (32° F) Performance: -10° to 80° C (14° - 176° F) SPECIFICATIONS: UL#: E52811. Control# 362K CSA #: LR32044 Not UV resistant.