Tesa® 4169 PV3 Single Sided Safety Tape (Black) 1inch x 50m 1 roll/Order

Brand: Tesa

Material soft PVC
Size 1"x50m
Colour black
Brand Tesa






About this item

Application Fields
• tesa® 4169 is recommended for permanent marking for high-traffic areas, e.g. factories, warehouses, offices, or hospitals
• The premium floor marking tape can be used for the marking of working areas in workshops



Premium Soft PVC Floor Marking Tape Product Features • Durable and abrasion resistant backing for permanent floor marking applications; hand tearable • It has a high degree of flexibility which allows for curved applications • Color combinations correspond to legally prescribed safety guidelines tesa® 4169 is an extremely robust high-performance adhesive tape for permanent floor markings. The abrasion-resistant, robust and resilient floor-marking tape comprises a soft PVC backing with an acrylate adhesive mass. Thanks to the , it can also be used on rough surfaces and is also suitable for curved applications. tesa® 4169 is available in the colors black, green, white, blue, red, yellow and black/yellow; the color combinations correspond to legally prescribed safety guidelines. Depending on its color, the floor-marking tape can be explicitly used as a warning tape.

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Technical Details

Product can be slit to any custom width. Please contact our sales team to discuss your unique width requirements.


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