Magnetic Receptive Steel Tape Roll (MGRS) 1 inch x 10Ft- 1 roll/Order

Brand: Tack Tape

Material Steel Receptive
Size 1" x 10ft
Colour Black
Brand Tack Tape

1/2" x 10ft

1/2" x 100ft

1" x 10ft

1" x 100ft

About this item

MGRS Receptive Steel Tape will conform to surfaces and is offered in .025 (1/40) inch thick x 1-inch x 10 feet and .025 (1/40) inch thick x 1/2-inch x 10 or 100 feet rolls wound on a 3-inch diameter core. MGRS Receptive Steel Tape indoor-grade features a service/operating temperature of 0 to 150F, while the outdoor-grade material has a 0 to 200F service/operating temperature. Designed for lightweight applications like when have a stainless steel refrigerator and need something to attract a photo with a magnet-backing to (this product will not offer enough attraction for heavier-weight objects). Product applications include interchangeable graphics, menu boards, displays and pictures, crafts, calendars, trade show booths, presentation boards, packet attachments, and more. NOTE: If your tape curls when you try to apply it to your surface or doesn't seem to attract well when trying a magnet against it, this is due to being wound in a roll and does not affect the properties or quality of the tape. Simply unwind and cut a piece from the roll, place it under a weight (e.g. a book or stack of papers) for a short period to help flatten out the strip/piece of tape, then apply to your surface or test as normal. Product Applications: - Interchangeable graphics Menu boards Displays and pictures Crafts Calendars Trade show booths Presentation boards Packet attachment


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MGRS Receptive Steel Tape is a non-magnetized steel tape, designed to attract magnets. The tape consists of non-magnetized steel on one side and an adhesive on the other side. This tape is a wonderful addition to any industrial shop, warehouse, or home project and instantly creates a receptive surface for magnets anywhere you can place the tape. MGRS Receptive Steel Tape is offered in an indoor-grade or outdoor-grade adhesive material. Both grades are made with a strong, flexible non-magnetic material and coated with either a high-tack rubber based adhesive (indoor-grade) or an acrylic adhesive (outdoor-grade) on one side.

Product information

Technical Details

This tape product is availble in 100ft log roll format. Product can be slit to any custom length. Please contact our sales team to discuss your unique width requirements.


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