Industrial Grade Single Sided Creme Masking Tape 1 inch x 55m 1 roll/Order

Brand: Tack Tape

Material Paper
Size 1" x 55m
Colour Creme
Brand Tack Tape

1/2" x 55m

3/4" x 55m

1" x 55m

1.5" x 55m

2" x 55m

About this item

Applications Fastening Maintenance Packaging Description: - Designed primarily as an all-purpose product for non-critical applications. Interior paint masking, silk screening, mail rooms, golf club shaft (build-up), school bids, and for light-duty bundling, packaging and tabbing. Applicable Standards: ASTM D 6123D/6123M-97, Type 1 Notes : - Surfaces to be bonded to should be dry, clean and free from oil and grease.



Industrial Grade Creme Masking Tape is your General Purpose Masking Packing Tape designed for packaging, bundling, holding, and labeling for home, school, and industry. Crepe paper, coated with rubber-based natural pressure-sensitive adhesive. Economical, with good performance on a variety of substrates. Good low-temperature properties.

Product information

Technical Details

Any custom width can be slit. Please contact our sales team to discuss your unique width requirements.


Additional Information

Wide masking tape ideal for utility purposes, labeling, painting, sealing, HVAC projects, contractors, crafts, automotive, and home-improvement projects. Professional grade tape is flexible, leaves no sticky residue behind, prevents paint bleed, removes without damaging surface, and gives clean edges. Sticks to a variety of clean / dry surfaces.