Ludlow T-Tak™ 0322 Heavy Duty XL Tape, D/C Tissue 3/4 inch x 2000FT 1 roll/Order

Brand: Ludlow

Material Tissue paper
Size 3/4" x 2000FT
Colour Natural
Brand Ludlow

3/4" x 2000FT

About this item

Mounting heavy signs and posters Promotional displays Direct mail pieces Tag and label mounting Mounting name plates and inventory tags Permanent packaging, box, and polybag closure Board box and envelope fabrication Paper web splicing High speed business form presses and applicators Spot and strip tape applications


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Ludlow T-Tak HD Double-Sided Tissue Tape (Extended Liner) has a reinforced tissue-supported carrier for demanding permanent applications (which provides support without adding bulk). This is a double coated tape so the tissue carrier is coated on both sides with adhesive. The liner on the tape can be easily removed because it has a non-adhesive or finger lift dry edge on each side of the tape (there is 1/8 inch of liner overhang on each side of the tape so a 1-inch wide roll would become 3/4 inch width of adhesive tape once the liner is removed). T-Tak HD offers excellent adhesion and shear strength, has an aggressive rubber-based adhesive, works great for heavier paper-to-paper attachments - even for curved or uneven surfaces. The tissue carrier is laminated to a siliconized paper release liner. The release liner is printed with the words "TO EXPOSE ADHESIVE REMOVE LINER" which makes it ideal when the tape is put on items being sent to end users.

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Features: - Synthetic Rubber Adhesive Tissue Carrier Finger-lift Edge Liner

Benefits: - Exceptional holding strength Superior performance on heavier weight papers and light board stocks Provides support and conformability Hand tearable Easy to start Liner removes clean and smooth