Tesa 62934 Double Sided PE Thick Foam Tape 1 inch x 55m 1 roll/Order

Brand: Tesa

Material Closed Cell PE Foam
Size 1" x 55m
Colour Black
Brand Tesa

1/2" x 55m

3/4" x 55m

1" x 55m

1.5" x 55m

2" x 55m

About this item

Versatile adhesive for high immediate adhesion on numerous substrates, High ultimate adhesion level for a secure bonding performance, Fully outdoor suitable: UV, water, and aging resistant, Compensates for differing thermal expansion of dissimilar materials, High immediate bonding strength even at low bonding pressure, Very good cold shock absorption.



tesa® 62394 is a double-sided foam tape consisting an adaptable PE-foam substrate and a modified acrylate adhesive mass. This combination is highly adhesive and can be applied to many different surfaces. This foam tape is resistant to ageing, moisture and temperatures of up to 80°C. It is also highly resistant to sudden chills, and is able to compensate for the thermal expansion of various materials.

Product information

Technical Details

This tape product is availble in 54" log roll format. Any custom width can be slit. Please contact our sales team to discuss your unique width requirements.


Additional Information

Main Application, Decorative aluminium cover screens on brown goods, Door handles in kitchen furniture, Moulded plastic parts, Mirrors, and coloured glass panels