ORABOND® 1443LT Thin Double Sided Tape 1inch x 50m 1 roll/Order

Brand: Orafol

Material Polypropylene film, 0.75-mil
Size 1" x 50m
Colour White with Brown Liner
Brand Orafol

1/2" x 50m

3/4" x 50m

1/4" x 50m

1" x 50m

1.5" x 50m

2" x 50m

About this item

Applications For general bonding and point-of-sale applications; for closed cellular foams and rubber for even surfaces, economy version of 1453.



This double-sided tape consists of a polypropylene carrier, layered on both sides with a rubber adhesive. The qualities of this adhesive lie in its aggressive bonding characteristics, high shear strength and high aging resistance. The adhesive is lined with a double-sided silicone paper.

Product information

Technical Details

This tape product is availble in 54" log roll format. Any custom width can be slit. Please contact our sales team to discuss your unique width requirements.


Additional Information

Carrier Polypropylene film, 0.75-mil Liner Both sides siliconised paper, 54# Adhesive Rubber Area of Use This tape is especially suitable as a self-adhesive medium for signs, plates, trims and profiles with smooth surfaces as well as for closed cellular foams (e.g. cellular polyethylene and rubber). Other applications include the adhesion of metal, paper and hard-PVC (without plasticizers inclining to migrate).